About Me

In 2018 I felt like I was lost.

I was coasting through life, not feeling fulfilled.

I had done what I was supposed to do: study hard and work hard. Although I reached my dream of being a lawyer, I was in a long term relationship, I had lots of friends, I travelled a lot … I wasn’t happy.

I was making unhealthy choices for my body and partying too much. I stopped exercising and put on weight. I stopped doing things I enjoyed.

I lost passion in life.

Then I decided I needed a change and the universe threw me a curveball: my partner got a promotion interstate.

Although we would leave our friends and family at least 8 hours drive from us, we knew we had to do it. I knew this was the change I needed to start fresh and work towards my dream life.

When we moved I faced a pretty big obstacle: I didn’t have a job. Despite trying to find something before I moved, I struggled to even get an interview.

I was drowning in debt, with no income, and a very small local support network of friends in my new city. I could of given up and decided it was too hard.

But instead, I was able to keep changing my life for the better.

I discovered the Law of Attraction.

Since I discovered the law of attraction in early 2019, I decided to keep at it and see what I could manifest.

While I haven’t quite achieved the dream life yet, I’ve manifested jobs, money, paying off debt, and winning competitions.

So I’m continuing to learn and continuing to apply the law of attraction so I can manifest my dream life.

And I want to continue applying the law of attraction, sharing my knowledge and experiences, and hopefully helping others feel empowered to level up their life and achieve the life of their dreams.

So join me in my journey to create my dream life, where I make my real life better than a dream.

Let’s build something great together!

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