7 Reasons to start (and keep) journalling

It can often be hard to find a few spare minutes in the day to do those things that are going to make our life easier. Like how many people “never have enough time” for exercise?

We let other things in life take precedence and forget to take time for ourselves…

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How changing your mindset can change your life

The common theme in law of attraction is you create what you think. And by changing how you think you can change your life.

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Not accepting people’s opinions as your reality

When I was 15, I decided I wanted to be a lawyer. I knew I had the intelligence and I put my mind to becoming this person.

I was met with a lot of judgement and negative thoughts. “Oh but you’re not smart enough to be a lawyer” said some of my conceited peers.

But like water off a ducks back, I said “that’s you’re opinion and I don’t accept that as my reality”.

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Gratitude As The First Step to Manifestation

When I started looking into law of attraction and manifestation, one concept that kept cropping up was gratitude.

Everyone knows gratitude is the act of showing thanks and appreciation for something, but when you are going through tough times, it’s easy to question what there is to be grateful for.

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